Memory Threads

A research group exploring ideas around memory and textiles


Memory Threads is a group of interdisciplinary postgraduate students, alumni and practitioners working across art, textiles and science.

Our core members are:

LAURA MADELEY is currently completing an MA in art & science at Central St. Martins (UAL). She previously trained as a Neuropsychologist and is the clinical lead for non-pharmacological interventions at Guy’s Hospital Sleep Disorder Service, where she works with individuals with a range of sleep conditions.  Her interest in sleep arose through working with people with neurological and psychological conditions. This led to a clinical, scientific and philosophical curiosity about the role of consciousness and memory in these disorders, and sleep’s unique role in memory consolidation. Her developing art practice has enabled her to explore the relationship between perception and memory using mixed media, textiles, photography and print.

EMMA MCGINN is a craft-based textile practitioner working across art and design. She has ten years experience in the fashion and textiles sector as a designer and lecturer. In 2019 she was awarded an MA in textiles at Chelsea College of Art, where she focused on reconnecting with the repetitive and ritualistic process of making, helping her to unpick and explore ideas around memory and selfhood. Emma is now researching for a PhD funded by Lab4living at Sheffield Hallam University, where she intends to further develop her exploratory craft-based approach to explore notions of wandering as a metaphor for thought and the joys of being lost.

MICHAELA WENKERT is a designer and image-maker with experience in film and luxury fashion footwear and accessories. Michaela has been awarded an MA in Illustration and Visual Media from London College of Communication (UAL), where her most recent work investigates the ineffable and problematic notions of the soul within an identity politics, neurology, and philosophical framework. Her practice combines illustration, coding, photography, tapestry and oil painting.

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